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Welcome to Flow to Grow

Flow to Grow organises Mindfulness-based stress management programs for managers and their co-workers in organisations. Twice a year Flow to Grow organises a Ladies retreat, for busy women wanting to get out of their daily routine to resource on a deeper level in a comfortable setting. 

‘The Journey of Flow’ is a scientifically based program offering practical meditation techniques preventing depression, burnout, sleeplessness, overthinking, … During 'The Journey of Flow', managers and their co-workers learn how to step in their ‘flow’.  The ‘flow’ is a state of mind where you are fully immersed in the moment. You’re concentrating positively and intensely on what you are doing and you lose track of time. This way, you fully experience the moment and you are totally committed: you have reached the perfect balance between doing and being. Living in the flow implies that you stay true to your authentic self and allow the creative potential from within to fully blossom.

The Mindful Lifestyle sessions’ are offered during the sparkling ladies retreat in an amazing setting. Imagine yourself, wonderful busy lady, enjoying silence, meditation, healthy food, relaxing, wellness, stargazing and many more. You will be resourced thoroughly and bring home practical tools that are useful in your daily life to cope with stress.

Mindfulness is a life philosophy. You consciously choose to give attention to the here and now, without judging. This results in being more focused, alert, concentrated, positive and energised. Being Mindful stimulates both personal growth and a positive professional development.

Flow to Grow inspires you to live the most authentic version of your personal and professional life.

Because your happiness matters