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About Flow to Grow

Who is Flow to Grow?

 Your inspiring lady 

Your inspiring lady 

Flow to Grow is Sofie-Anne Heyse

The basis of Flow to Grow is mindfulness. It is the creative result of my experiences as a life coach: the ingredients are Buddhist psychology, craniosacral therapy, silent retreats, family constellations, energy work and my own experiences in life.

I love to inspire you to live your life from the most authentic version of yourself.  Be the architect of your life, because your happiness matters.

What others say about Sofie-Anne

 “Sofie-Anne is a joy of life… her empathy ensures she connects easily with others. She has the intrinsic capacity to understand you and to make you feel your needs. She enhances the importance of balancing your life, she helps you understand your emotions and needs. Her continuous curiosity is refreshing. She helps you with grace in order to let you feel good, and to identify the motors for change… Open yourself and let her be your guide!”

Caroline Van Marcke - CEO Van Marcke Group

“Sofie-Anne’s ‘Flow to Grow’ is her feminine wisdom, her presence and empathic invitation as a woman and as a coach, to live a mindful and sparkling live and guiding from gratitude. This resumes perfectly who she is and what she shares. ‘Living what she teaches, and teaching from where she lived it authentically’. Building on true heartfulness and ‘living mindful stillness’ as her basis, she radiates a free rebellious passion for life and the individual essence. Sofie-Anne carries this essence in her work as a cranio-sacral therapist, but also in facilitating systematically and mindfully, from a reborn sparkling feminine essence, tangibly gracious and thankful. She is a born guide and friend, as a therapist in a continually awakening flow.”

Bhaven Heeremans - BSCT (Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist)

“In the framework of mindfulness in communication, I got to know Sofie-Anne. She taught me how you can practice mindfulness in the way we speak and listen to each other, in order to strengthen our connection and to achieve our goals more effectively. She is an open and transparent person, who quickly makes you feel at ease. Her way of teaching and her comments encouraged me to handle emotionally loaded conversations and experiences in a positive way. A very nice person to work with.”

Sophie Leten - Golfpro Royal Latem Golfclub


  • Training Mindfulness Trainer, Institute for Attention and Mindfulness
  • Training Craniosacral Therapy – Basic module, follow-up, Sphenoid, Talking to the heart, mouth and ear work, Talking to the alarm, family constellations during a cranio session, cranio for babies and young kids, eye work, immune system, Deep Muscle work, Academy Etienne Peirsman, Final Thesis: “How can mindfulness and craniosacral therapy offer a response to stress?”
  • School for Comparative Philosophy Antwerp:
  • Study Buddhist Psychology Amsterdam with Robert Hartzema:
  • Training non-violent communication based on the model of Marshall Rosenberg.
  • Familiar with systemic work and family constellations.
  • Recognised member of Naturopathica, the Belgian professional organisation for naturopaths.


Feel free to reach out for a meeting. We can learn to know each other and find out how I can help you.

You can contact me via this website or send me an connection request via LinkedIn.