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Deep Coaching for Entrepreneurs

What is a deep coaching program?
A deep coaching program is an individual, tailor made guidance where all the attention is for you as an entrepreneur. You and I will focus on your needs in every single moment. During the full program I will not only be your coach, but also your sparring partner and your partner in crime.

Who is it for?
A deep coaching program is for entrepreneurs who want to unlock their full potential and create a steady difference in their journey as a changemaker. For you who wonders how you can step beyond the traditional rational skills, such as using your intuition and become a more conscious entrepreneur to obtain the change you are aiming for. You understand that, by doing this “backstage work”, the benefits are not only for you, but also for your business and it’s stakeholders.

What are the take aways ? You will 

  • Become a more intuitive leader 
  • Learn how to behave in stressful situations
  • Obtain insights from under the surface
  • Learn who to communicate better
  • Get a deep understanding of complex situations in your organization
  • Learn how to read in between the lines
  • Get in tune with the “heartbeat of Life”
  • Unlock your flow to grow
  • Create the difference in your journey as a changemaker

How does it work?
A deep coaching program contains  weekly coaching sessions by Skype including 4 personal meetings with a tailor made constellation with floor markers. The duration of the program is 6 months. 

Which techniques are used?
As my approach is very intuitive, I tune in your personal needs in each moment.
I work with:

  • Deep listening
  • Guided meditations and visualisations
  • Constellation work for entrepreneurs with floor markers


6 months

  • An intake session via Skype or face to face  
  • 20 weekly coaching sessions via Skype
  • 4 in person sessions  with constellation work 
  • Personal support via mail or Whatsapp, with answers on all your questions
  • 2 coaching sessions with one of your team members