Deep Coaching for Entrepreneurs

As a successful entrepreneur, you are dealing with a constant influx of external pressure on your system. Your world leaves little room for anything but performant leadership and insightful decision-making. To do so, you need to have a clear space in yourself for the right information to 'bubble up'... You need to be inspired. This can be hard when dealing with endless to-do lists, heaps of emails and often difficult circumstances in a complex and fast evolving world. 

Deep Coaching for entrepreneurs is a tailor made approach aimed at crystallizing your true needs and potential as a human being, suited to your unique business reality.

  • Can you start to rely on your intuition in your decision-making?
  • Could you remain emotionally engaged without coming across as soft?
  • Would you invite yin qualities such as beingness, vulnerability and stillness in your personal and professional life?

    I was raised in a family with a successful international business. I am grateful to have witnessed first hand the beautiful and inspiring aspects of entrepreneurship: to create something from the very beginning remains one truly remarkable human ability. Today I observe that even though entrepreneurs have discovered their Ikigai, they still have to deal with a doing oriented business world. It becomes easy to lose connection with ones own physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Seeing the business world and its mechanics from a wider perspective helped me to thoroughly understand the leaders I work with today. I devoted myself to deepen my knowledge and understanding of practices that facilitate personal growth and peace of mind. 

As my company name indicates, I work with the flow to help one grow. This means that I tune into the moment to give you precisely what you need at any given point in time. I will walk with you on the ultimate journey to your essence and truth. If resistance or fear arise, I am there to help you through it. I show you ways to cultivate a natural curiosity towards a new space of awareness inside yourself. The more 'meditative' you become, the more effective and efficient you'll be able to act. Every so often I will deeply and sincerely ask you 'How are you?'. I want to truly hear you. This is so important.
~ Sofie-Anne Heyse

Your Takeaways

  • Feeling reloaded and energized
  • Having clarity and focus in moments of pressure
  • Inspired acting instead of reacting
  • Profound insights that will change your perspective
  • Being able to rely on your intuition
  • Tailor made meditations that will help you become more mindful in all that you do
  • Become a beacon of conscious presence in your company and personal life

Single Session

A single session is ideal when you're new to doing deep conscious work, when you want to find out Sofie-Anne's approach or when you only want a session once in a while. If you are looking for ongoing work, please take a look at the flexible support formulas.

Session on location

Allow yourself a moment of being truly seen and heard. I see you, do you see you? Let inspiration and insight join your business reality. 

The session takes place at Sofie-Anne beautiful retreat "Welcome@Silence" in Kruishoutem, East-Flanders.

 Online Session

Direct and secure connection to insight and inspiration. Enjoy the comfort of watching the replay to relive that moment of stillness and meditation. 

The session takes place via Zoom video conferencing.

Flexible Support

A Flexible Support program is ideal when you want to do intensive, longer term personal development work and when you appreciate the importance of having conscious support at your disposal on short notice.

A Flexible Support program can be best compared to a "Conscious Butler Service". In other words, you decide when you most need, deserve or have time for a deep coaching session.

Doing personal development to cultivate more conscious presence and improve your intuition is not a fancy business coaching program. It is vital human necessity especially for people who are dealing with important responsibilities and stressful situations. Every investment in cultivating your intuitive leadership skills will translate into exponential business success.

During the monthly sessions, various approaches - such as deep listening, conscious guidance, meditation and visualization - are being synergistically applied to spark personal transformation and conscious integration. Bimonthly, there is a deeper session with energetic and body-centered techniques such as constellation work and energetic bodywork.