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Constellation work for entrepreneurs

Constellation work or systemic work is a powerful way to look at the undercurrent of complex situations. It reveals hidden dynamics and shows new approaches to the situation. These insights are very useful to gain clarity and to deeply understand how to unlock the flow for growth in your organisation.

In a one-on-one session, you can bring in a business issue. As a facilitator, I will help you to select the elements which are relevant to bring in the constellation. Floor markers will serve as representatives for the essential dynamics in the business issue. By stepping into the energetic field yourself, you will experience the interactions between the elements. By proposing some interventions, in-sights get a chance to pop-up. 

One-on-One constellation with floor markers

Book an individual session to unlock the flow in your entrepreneurship

The session takes place at the beautiful retreat "Welcome@Silence" nearby Ghent.