Constellations for organizations

Constellation work for organizations - also know as systemic work for organizations - is a variation of family constellations that are used in therapy to transform personal issues.

In business, constellation work exposes unrecognized dynamics and brings undercurrents to the surface. It allows an individual or a team to make shifts that would otherwise not be accessible through the rational mind alone. It is a method to analyze complex problems, find sustainable solutions and free the energy to take the necessary steps. A constellation gives you in-depth insights into a decision you need to make as a leader. 

Constellations for entrepreneurs

Constellation work for entrepreneurs and team leaders is aimed to improve the clarity in decision-making, regain a clear focus on the strategy and goals of the organization and bring support in transformation processes.

In a one-on-one session, you can bring in a business issue. As a facilitator, I will help you to select the elements which are relevant to bring in the constellation. Floor markers will serve as representatives for the essential dynamics in the business issue. By stepping into the energetic field yourself, you will experience the interactions between the elements. By proposing some interventions, in-sights get a chance to pop-up. 

This kind of energy work is very powerful and can be taken away as a sort of compass in your business.  It's like a clear picture of where you are right now as an entrepreneur or team leader.

One-on-One constellation with floor markers

Book an individual session to unlock the flow in your entrepreneurship

The session takes place at Sofie-Anne's beautiful retreat "Welcome@Silence" in Kruisem (nearby Ghent).

Constellations for Teams

Constellations work for teams exposes underlying dynamics and patterns in teams in order to unlock blockages and recreate renewed harmony and flow. It’s an investigation of the relation between the entrepreneur and the potential of the organization as well of the inter-relational aspects within the team. This clears individuals from blockages that stand in the way of the team's and company's potential.

How does one's behavior and attitude affect the team's efficiency?
How does one relate to stress and difficult decision-making?
How developed is one's intuition and capacity to bring about real and grounded innovation?

There can be various approached that are different in intensity and frequency depending on the need of the executive team.