During an intuitive teambuilding session, you and your team take a step aside to look at what's going on in your team. Using intuitive techniques and exercises, we will naturally investigate how we can appeal to the intuitive intelligence of the team.

WHAT are we doing?

  • Learning on how to use the intuition at work 
  • Learning to look systematically at the team and the underlying dynamics
  • Exploring the values of the organisation
  • Clearing unspoken matters
  • Discovering new possibilities for unclear situations


Constellations work for teams exposes underlying dynamics and patterns in teams in order to unlock blockages and recreate renewed harmony and flow. It’s an investigation of the relation between the entrepreneur and the potential of the organization as well of the inter-relational aspects within the team. This clears individuals from blockages that stand in the way of the team's and company's potential.

How does one's behavior and attitude affect the team's efficiency?
How does one relate to stress and difficult decision-making?
How developed is one's intuition and capacity to bring about real and grounded innovation?

There can be various approached that are different in intensity and frequency depending on the need of the executive team.


  • Team members get to know each other better
  • Positive flow: all the wood behind one arrow
  • It stimulates togetherness, initiative and efficiency
  • Growing productivity and sense of responsibility
  • Team members are motivated to help each other and achieve goals together
  • Greater job satisfaction, which reduces absenteeism due to illness

For WHO?

Intuitive teambuilding is for entrepreneurs and team leaders who intuitively feel that it is time to spend a day with their team. They get the time to reflect on the essence of what they are doing together in business on a daily basis in order to give a boost to their professional activities.


An intuitive teambuilding can be organised at Welcom@Silence in Kruisem or at your company.