Intuitive Entrepreneurship

Coaching entrepreneurs to create a new world 

About Sofie-Anne Heyse 

It is my ambition to teach entrepreneurs how to do business in a conscious way. The higher your level of consciousness rises as a human being and as an entrepreneur, the clearer your mission is on our planet and the easier it is to be a value driven entrepreneur.


I help value driven entrepreneurs to create a positive impact with their organization. I teach them how to align themselves and make contact with their noble purpose in order to do business consciously with a healthy balance between people planet and profit. That's how entrepreneurs contribute in creating  a new world for the next generations. 

Furthermore, I support entrepreneurs in their journey to become an impact investor. I inspire them to invest in companies, organizations and projects that care for people, planet and future generations. By raising consciousness in the financial world, the flow of capital goes to entrepreneurship with solutions to our pressing global needs.

Jean D.

"Sofie-Anne was able to guide me in a well-considered and practical way, with a sharp focus on the reality of my workplace, enabeling my growth as an entrepreneur and manager.
Her fresh approach in combination with crystal-clear tools gave me fascinating and useful insights.
Another compliment for the green and calming environment in which this intense process could take place".

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