Unlock your Flow to Grow

If your entrepreneurship makes you feel exhausted, it’s time to change the game towards a business which can unfold naturally and where the next step to take lights up spontaneously. 
Let me help you towards a meaningful career without losing yourself.
Now is the time to unlock your flow to grow.

About Sofie-Anne Heyse

My name is Sofie-Anne and I am an intuition coach at Flow to Grow.

I help entrepreneurs to reveal the changemaker in them and guide them towards meaningful careers without losing themselves. 

Changemakers are entrepreneurs who are strongly connected with their values and do business based on their noble purpose with a healthy focus on people, planet and profit.

I help entrepreneurs to use their intuition purposefully in their entrepreneurship so that they can make decisions based on what is really going on.

I combine my many years of experience as a mindfulnesstrainer with constellation work for entrepreneurs and their organizations. As a result, I work very intuitively with what wants to be seen in the moment which always uncovers valuable insights.

Hans V.

"Sofie-Anne wist me op een doordachte en praktische manier, met scherpe aandacht voor de realiteit van mijn werkvloer, te prikkelen met het oog op mijn groei als ondernemer en leidinggevende.
Haar frisse aanpak in combinatie met glasheldere tools leverden me telkens boeiende en bruikbare inzichten op die bleven hangen en waarmee ik aan de slag ging.
Ook nog een pluim voor het groene en rustgevende kader waarin dit intense traject kon plaatsvinden”

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