Intuitive Entrepreneurship

Create the difference in your journey as a changemaker

About Sofie-Anne Heyse 

Helping entrepreneurs and impact leaders to bring clarity in complex situations by learning them how to use their intuition in business. 

As in intuition coach I tune in that what is ready to be seen in the moment which always uncovers valuable insights for progress. If you want to make a difference as an entrepreneur, you need to make progress on a regular basis in order to feel alive.

For the past 15 years I have been on the path of personal development, learning from amazing teachers across the world about yoga, meditation, consciousness, family- and business constellations.

Today, I combine my many years of experience as a mindfulness trainer with constellation work for entrepreneurs. Because I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, I love to work with entrepreneurs and impact leaders to guide them in raising awareness in their business in order to gain clarity on complex situations and create inner change for outer transformation.

I use tools such as one-on-one constellation work for entrepreneurs which allows us to dive deeper into the synergies at play, as well as tailor made meditations depending on what the client needs in that moment.

I believe that entrepreneurship is a strong and intelligent instrument that can be used to create a better world. Every entrepreneur can become a changemaker, working for a noble purpose and balancing the people, planet, profit dimensions.

Hans V.

"Sofie-Anne was able to guide me in a well-considered and practical way, with a sharp focus on the reality of my workplace, enabeling my growth as an entrepreneur and manager.
Her fresh approach in combination with crystal-clear tools gave me fascinating and useful insights that stuck in my mind and with which I got to work.
Another compliment for the green and calming environment in which this intense process could take place".

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