Unlock your Flow to Grow

Flow To Grow was conceived to integrate awareness in business by helping entrepreneurs and teamleaders to reconnect with their intuitive entrepreneurship

Flow to Grow offers solutions for both individuals and companies to achieve a more joyful life and a more purposeful business. Discover how the combination of constellation work for organizations and meditation reveals useful insights as a support for taking important decisions.

As the level of collective consciousness on the planet is growing at high speed, we are all invited to live our lives in a more conscious and intuitive way. By tuning in with the "heartbeat' of Universe, you will unlock your Flow to Grow.

Upcoming activities

Intuïtieve Teambuilding

Welcome@Silence, Kruisem

Tijdens een intuïtieve teambuilding zet je met je team even een stap opzij om vanop de zijlijn te kijken naar wat er speelt in het team. Aan de hand van intuitive technieken en oefeningen gaan we op een natuurlijke wijze onderzoeken hoe we de intuïtieve intelligentie van het team kunnen aanspreken. 

Ladies Retreat


Do you feel the desire to slow down and take a few days of quality time for yourself? Have you always loved the magic of Marrakesh? Imagine a beautiful Moroccan Riad where you can reload together with a small group of like-minded female entrepreneurs.

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Stay tuned. Sign up for the
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About Sofie-Anne Heyse

Sofie-Anne is an Intuition Coach at Flow To Grow. 

It is her ambition to support entrepreneurs and their teams in making effortless decisions by using their intuitive intelligence where cognitive intelligence gets stuck.

She combines her many years of experience as a mindfulness trainer with business constellations for entrepreneurs. She works very intuitively with what currently wants to be seen in the organization, with valuable insights as a result.